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Enterneering® = Enterprise Engineering by supported Self-empowerment

About Enterneering®

Enterneering® is not a product, a method, and a tool. Enterneering® is a discipline, a field of activity that is specifically dedicated to working 'on' the enterprise system. It therefore reflects one of the core tasks of an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial responsibility.

Enterneering® specifically addresses the three pillars of Culture, People, and Organisation. It concerns itself with aspects that exist more or less for the entire company and have an impact beyond individual areas, products, or projects.

For entrepreneurs or executives, it is not necessary to master all the Enterneering® elements in detail or execute them personally. Rather, successful enterprise leaders recognise the most essential elements and can assess their significance. They can successfully delegate and control the execution of these elements. Gain more about it by exploring the introduction and first chapter of the Enterneering® Roadmap.

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The Enterneers®

The Enterneers Office

We are the Enterneers® and after years of working as executives, CXOs, or managing directors, we have dedicated ourselves to the vision of serving others to raise their awareness and understanding of effective enterprise leadership in the digital age.

We have integrated our extensive knowledge and decades of practical experience into a comprehensive management approach. We continuously expand these foundations within our app through the latest contributions, new or further insights, or the latest market developments.

We proudly introduce ourselves as the world's first Enterneers® Boutique based in Dubai, Silicon Oasis. Nestled in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula with its world-class infrastructure, we celebrate our individual digital age. With our German roots, a European application landscape, and a strongly engaged workforce hailing from Asia, we leverage a global distribution network with digital connectivity spanning all continents.

Susan & Sandy – Managing Partners

>25y of professional experience; >20y in HR/People Management

Sectors: Industry, Energy, ICT, Tax/Business consulting

HR development, people strategy, recruitment, talent management, payroll, finance, employer branding

>25y of professional experience; >12y as Managing Director

Sectors: Infrastructure, Energy, ICT/SaaS, Engineering

Corporate development, strategy, organisation, portfolio management, finance, people & culture, operations, governance