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Sparring with Enterneers® involves dedicated training and implementation support for the implementation of Enterneering® in your company. Challenges are reflected on together. Different options for action are developed and tested. Feedback is provided by a person with several years of relevant entrepreneurial experience. We know the principles governing the individual development phases of a company. We have dealt intensively with the typical pitfalls and regularities and experienced their cause-and-effect principles as entrepreneurs or CxOs. As an outsider to the company, we are not blind to the business and can objectively identify blind spots, unfavourable circumstances, strengths, and weaknesses, providing valuable insights to entrepreneurs. We can help shape and guide the growth of business organisations.
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Have you already gained practical experience with sparring at C-level?
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Many entrepreneurs and executives have one thing in common: with increasing company size, complexity, and scope of responsibility, the potential discussion partners and collaborators for open and honest exchange at eye level decrease. The reasons for this are manifold and easily comprehensible. On one hand, there are generally fewer like-minded and adequately experienced people within one's own environment. On the other hand, the degree of openness and honesty decreases as the dependencies on decisions and the course of cooperation increase. In other words, locating people who actively exchange open feedback with constructive criticism and unpleasant messages in an open-ended and independent dialogue becomes progressively difficult. As an entrepreneur, who does not know the feeling of looking in vain for suitable partners at eye level in critical or particularly challenging situations? Ultimately, this circumstance is a logical consequence of the classic career development within hierarchical structures. It is questionable whether a suitable conversationalist or advisor can always be found in the private sphere in such situations, or at least it seems risky to rely on it for one's own development.

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Consulting, Coaching, Sparring - What should it be?

In the context of implementing Enterneering® in their operations, many companies sooner or later encounter the need for suitable external support or simply additional qualified resources for implementation. For most of the issues directly related to Enterneering®, the three forms of consulting, coaching, and sparring are available. Each of these three options has its right to exist and a certain value. Entrepreneurs deciding on them should know the most essential features and characteristics and determine their specific needs for each. In the following explanations, we focus on the most essential distinguishing features without making any assessment. Since every situation has its own conditions and circumstances, every entrepreneur must decide for himself which option to use for a given purpose.

In most cases, consulting mandates have a distinct project character. They have a fixed start and end date and a clearly described content-related task as the object of performance. As a rule, a consultant considers his customers (clients) and his projects as distinct entities, focusing on delivering substantive performance of services to address a concrete problem or a defined task. Consulting engagements involve money in exchange for project outcomes or solutions. For this solution, the consultant must have certain qualifications and available resources. They usually do not have to establish exceptionally deep personal relationships with their clients. Many larger consultancies work with pre-structured and proven solution patterns, methods, or systems. This can sometimes limit them in finding solutions. Consultancy projects are well suited for thematically delimited and content-defined tasks with an expected result.

Coaching is dominated by the approach of supporting the client (coachee) in his personal development. It is about helping him to better understand himself and his respective situation, enabling him to learn and change. Coaches are experts in interactive situation analysis and management, necessitating a more profound and personal relationship with their clients compared to counsellors. Good coaches focus on communication, interaction, and inspiration. They question, provide food for thought, and help with self-reflection and a change of perspective. In contrast to counselling, coaching takes place within an agreed period but without a concrete project outcome. The coach makes his time and personal skills available in exchange for his fee. Since the coachee himself is the object of the service, it is usually difficult to agree on rigid development goals for it. Coaching is well suited as an accompaniment or moderation of the development of maturity levels of individuals or smaller groups of people.

Sparring, a common term in sports, is essentially about preparing a partner for his or her competition and completing practical training that closely simulates real-life scenarios, all without causing serious injuries. Effective sparring therefore always takes place between sparring partners at eye level. Unlike in consulting, and to some extent in coaching, the sparring partners do not face each other in a traditional client-contractor relationship, but share common experiences, skills, and assertiveness. Entrepreneurs who opt for sparring consciously look for a personal training partner who actively questions or also challenges, and who introduces and criticises their own approaches to solutions. The sparring partner alternates between the roles of advisor, coach, and challenger. He can do this because he himself has gathered many years of relevant experience, having worked in positions of responsibility and encountered similar situations. Sparring partners need to establish a special personal relationship with each other. Sparring is well suited for accompanying complex implementation measures with a strong reference to a role or position (for example, the role of entrepreneur or CEO).

Sparring With Enterneers®

Find out whether and to what extent working with an Enterneer® as a sparring partner is a profitable investment for you and your company. Use our Sparring section in our Enterneering® App for this purpose.
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