Enterprise + Engineering = Enterneering®


ENTERNEERING® is a trademarked1 term used in business and corporate communications. It stands for the word combination ‘Enterprise Engineering’.

The original meaning of the two terms – ‘enterprise’ (the company) and ‘engineering’ (the act of engineering) – quickly makes it clear that enterprise engineering3 is concerned with the development and structure of companies. Specifically, it is the application of knowledge, principles and disciplines related to the analysis, design, implementation and operation of all aspects associated with an enterprise. The term is used in the information technology4 environment to refer specifically to information systems and systems development in enterprises.

ENTERNEERING® involves management tasks that focus on working ‘on’ the company. The emphasis is therefore on actively supporting the transformation and/or evolution of corporate organisations and working environments, including the people working in them.


The different Enterprise Layers

If you divide a company into layers of PROCESSES - SYSTEMS - PROJECTS - PRODUCTS - ORGANIZATION - PEOPLE - CULTURE, then ENTERNEERING® focuses on the last three layers: ORGANIZATION - PEOPLE - CULTURE.

The Enterneers®

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The Enterneers Office

As a rule, every entrepreneur and many managers deal with enterprise engineering. It is part of the usual spectrum of tasks, from the founding to the dissolution of a business. The ways in which enterprise engineering is handled are manifold, and the bandwidth of time and attention invested ranges from rather little/rarely to very intensive, often depending on the current company situation.

ENTERNEERING® as described above is an advisory and support activity, delimited in terms of content. In this sense, ENTERNEERS® are consultants and sparring partners with relevant practical experience who support their clients in their projects through the application of ENTERNEERING®.

ENTERNEERS® is a trademarked2 term used in business and corporate communications. It reflects a dedicated range of activities and the demonstrable professional and life experience of the practitioner. More information about the experience and qualifications required to be an ENTERNEER® can be found in the section ‘Become a Partner’.

The individual requirements for becoming an Enterneer® are stringent. Applicant profiles are thoroughly reviewed prior to any onboarding. Anyone wishing to become an authorised Enterneer® management consultant must demonstrate specific essential qualifications.



WHAT our network adds value to:

Companies of all types can find themselves in a situation during their life phase where there is a particular demand for enterprise engineering, with a dedicated focus on organisational development, people, HR or culture. This situation may result from the evolutionary development of the company (growth, scaling, rationalisation, relocation, etc.) or be brought about by external factors (company sale, split-up, disruptive change, global transformation, etc.).

The criteria used by such companies to find a suitable partner or consultant:

Personal networks, experience and recommendations are common resources. However, if you decide to conduct an open-minded search yourself, you will quickly realise that there are countless consultants out there whose profiles might be suitable. So, how do you find the person who really has the exact focus and specific qualifications you need?

How helpful it then would be to be able to search under a specific term that yields precisely the most suitable experts.

Our search term is ENTERNEERING®, and the suitable experts are ENTERNEERS®.

One of our next goals is to list experts on our website whose range of services and qualifications matches the Enterneering® approach.


Our initiative is running under development. After focusing on the content of Enterneering®, one of the next steps is to find relevantly qualified experts whose profile fits our core idea.

We want to briefly introduce these experts to all followers of our blog in a suitable way and make it easier for all to make direct contact with each other.

At next we are looking for experts or consultancies in Europe, North America, India, Australia and New Zealand who are interested in joining our initiative.


Become an expert

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Profile Requirements for Experts:

  • Extensive management or project experience at C-level
  • Extensive professional experience in the areas of enterprise engineering, organisational development, human resources, working environment, corporate culture
  • Several years’ experience in complex, company-wide change projects
  • Proven experience in the areas of transformation, evolution and transaction of companies
  • Demonstrable experience in projects or in a responsible function for agile and hybrid work forms as well as digitalisation and global networking

For all entrepreneurs and CXOs in need of support as they work 'on' their companies, we want to provide easier access to suitably qualified Enterneering® consultants. We want to help those in need find faster and more direct access to these consultants through our network.

We are looking for experts or consultancies with a suitable profile and are motivated to be listed as qualified expert in their own domestic markets or business sectors.

We are fostering a community of freelance consultants in the field of enterprise engineering whose focus is dedicated to organisational development, people, HR or culture. We want to increase the visibility and promote an understanding of the work performed by Enterneers®.

The professional requirements for those listed as an expert are essential. Their profiles are thoroughly reviewed prior to any onboarding. Everyone who becomes an listed expert must demonstrate specific essential qualifications.

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